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Engineering Sketch

Our master technicians will help evaluate your artwork to determine fit-for-purpose. We'll provide feedback on design and help answer technical questions like which material to use for your labels and what printing technology will look the best.  

Machine in Factory

The labels you put on your product are important so Kanna Labels will help you perfect them before ordering a full run. We'll send you as many prototypes as you'd like to see to get confident that your product and brand will look great!


Once you're ready, we'll run your labels. Any size, any shape, any quantity. We make them to order so just give us a little heads up and we'll make sure you never run out but you also never need to carry a huge inventory. We do all of our own production in house - never outsourced - so you can speak to the team that's making your labels any time. 

Offset Printing Machine


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